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Car hire. Kenya Safari Vehicles used by tour operators in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania the choice of which one to use is dependent on several factors including Travelers’ choice, budget, and experience that a traveler is looking for. These 3 Safari vehicles are used for city tours and airport transfers.

Kenya Safari Vehicle – Safari Mini Van with a popup roof

The safari minivan with a pop-up roof for game viewing is a Toyota make. This is customized for a safari, and the most prominent feature is the pop-up roof designed for game viewing. Typically, a safari minivan is modified to a minimum of 7 comfortable seats that allow for extra legroom.

The windows are also designed to slide open allowing for game drive and photography. Generally speaking, the safari minivan is a cheaper option than a 4 X 4 land cruiser in terms of cost, but this does not mean it is a bad vehicle.

The safari minivan like the land cruiser is also equipped with Radios t GPS to enable guides to communicate with other guides during game viewing.

Kenya Safari Vehicles for Hire- Toyota Land cruiser/ Landrover

The Toyota Land Cruiser is the most luxurious safari vehicle to use during your safari in Kenya. Other than being a 4 X4 which is quite important and has greater versatility during your safari. The safari Land cruiser is however very different from the normal land cruisers on the road.

This is because they are specifically customized for road safari, and not all are identical since different tour companies have modified them in different ways. Modification of the safari vehicles in Kenya and especially the land cruiser has a great balancing act as the vehicles must be safe for road travel- such as between Nairobi and Masai Mara and also be open enough to facilitate a good tour during the safari.

Land cruiser is used for road travel, it has glass windows as a required safety measure. Some Land cruisers especially those used by professional photographers are designed for glass windows that are temporally and can be removed when necessary.

In general, most safari land cruisers have 6 – 7 comfortable seats although some companies have customized the safari vehicles for 2 to 4 people only these are locally called “short chase”. The typical 7-seater has two seats at the front, two in the middle, and three at the back including one extra place next to the driver. This allows enough space in the middle for the cooler box.

The safari land cruiser also has a pop-up roof for game viewing and photography. If the windows do not come off, they are large and will slide open to good space. Most safari land cruisers are customized to ensure a window seat for 6 travelers. There is good space at the back for bulk luggage and under the seats for backpacks.

The safari vehicle is also fitted with a UHT radio call, an important feature that allows the guide to communicate easily with other guides. This allows them to share information on the spots with interesting happenings such as a kill or sitting of animals.

The in terms of comfort, most 4 X 4 safari land cruiser vehicles have ports for charging phones and cameras, and a cooler box to preserve drinks. Some may have custom med shock absorbers to minimize the effect of rough roads and bumpy roads. Most Land cruisers have two fuel tanks to ensure continuity during game drives and as well as two spare wheels to mitigate incidences of getting a flat tire that may happen during safari time.

Kenya Safari vehicles for hire – Overland tracks

The overland truck is an exciting safari vehicle used during safaris.

Overlands trucks are ideal for longer trips such as across different countries with large groups of tourists, typically between 12 and 30 tourists. Given these dynamics, overland trucks have to be well customized with enough space to carry luggage and required equipment as well as to be maneuver different types of terrain. As with other safari vehicles, Overland trucks are modified to be able to maneuver different types of terrain. As with other Safari Vehicles, Overland trucks are modified to different specifications and the vehicle to be used will depend on the dynamics of the group using it.

The seating in an overland truck varies. Some trucks have seats in a line of both sides, facing inward. Other trucks have seats facing forward, yet other trucks have a mix of front and backward-facing seats. Regardless of the design, all seats are raised to allow for maximum game viewing experiences and well- padded for extra comfort. The overland truck has large windows that either slide open or roll up allowing for excellent photo-taking opportunities.

Because safari on overland is typically for an extended period, it comes fully equipped with a ‘kitchen section’. Among the staff is a cook who will prepare meals during designated stops in the safari although larger groups that will be on the road for long will likely assist by cooking in turns.

Kitchen equipment is stored in a compartment beneath the seats and includes stoves, food, cutlery, washbasins, a means of refrigeration such as cooler boxes for perishable foods and drinks, foldable stools, and a table, water tanks as well as a tent to work as the cooking area.

In general, overland will have mobile and camera charging ports, overhead lockers to store cameras and day bags, buzzer system to alert the driver when to stop is required, long-range fuel tanks, safe for valuables, comprehensive first aid kit, and some have an onboard library to keep you busy when not much happening outside.

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